Who's ready for Halloween? I know I am! I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and they already have Halloween stuff out, not that every other store hasn't had Halloween stuff already since the first of July but that's none of my business. I love Halloween so I'm fine with starting early. This year one of my all-time favorite movies ever is finally getting the attention and merch it deserves! Target came out with their line of super spooky Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen goodies earlier in July and I lost my mind and now I can stock my pantry as well.  Funko Pop! is bringing back two Disney villains to keep you in the spirit this year.Spirit Halloween and Spencer's is launching the new cereal.  Each box will come with a Pocket Pop! of one of the characters, with the first launch focusing on The Little Mermaid's Ursula and The Nightmare Before Christmas' Oogie Boogie. You can buy both on pre-sale currently at $10.99 with an expected ship date of September 11th right here

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