One of my favorite at work games to pass the time with my co-workers is, "Would You Rather". Most of you are very familiar with the game, but for those of you who aren't, let me explain the rules. You ask "would you rather __________ or __________?" The one and only solid rule is, you can't say "neither" or refuse to answer the question directly. Now, this game can get as sick and twisted as you are willing to get, which is my favorite way to play. However, seeing as I'm not allowed to do that on KBAT's page, here are a few more tame examples.

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

Would you rather olny be able to whisper, or only be able to shout?

Would you rather know how you were going to die, or when?

Would you rather eat poo that tastes like chocolate, chocolate that tastes like poo?

If your wife/gf and your mom switched bodies, and you had to make out with one of them within an hour to change them back, otherwise they'd both die, would you rather make out with your wife in your mom's body, or your mom in your wife's body?

Now that I have you started, go nuts. I have some REALLY messed up ones tucked away for personal use. Have fun.

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