Even though the "Friday Night Lights" movie and television series were BASED on Odessa, neither was credited to actually be ABOUT Odessa--or Midland for that matter... So that got us to wondering--if they made a movie that was actually about the Midland-Odessa area, name credit and all--no fake town names or loosely-based embellished stories... Who would you want to see play the roles in the film? We asked this question on our social media pages, and here are some of the responses from our Facebook:

A bunch of people who can’t drive

Tommy Lee Jones

Clayton Williams

Billy Bod Thornton

Donny Baker and Trailer Trash Tammy 😂

I think my favorite response above is "A bunch of people who can’t drive" from Xavier. But there are so many different directions you could go here. You could lean it wild-west and have Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Mel Gibson, and Kevin Kostner appear. You could lean it modern-day and have Mariah Carey play the lead role about a lady moving here to work as a manager with an oil company filled with men... You could make it a detective story and get David Caruso with his sunglasses (because lord knows we need our sunglasses on daily here) to come to be the lead detective. "CSI Permian". You could learn the story historic and get Noah Jupe to play a young Mr. Bush...

Many different story ideas and lots of different actors to choose from! Leave yours in the comments below!

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