Jeannette Gesela Drzewiecki, born Jeannette Gesela Reeder, July 6th, 1963 in Nurmberg, Germany went missing from Odessa, Tx on September 13th, 1982.  She had just given birth to her first child, a baby girl, less than two weeks prior.  She was at a place called The Doll’s House on Andrews Highway in Odessa, a topless bar where she was previously a dancer but at the time was working as a waitress.  She was there in regards to a work matter, had one drink and left shortly after saying that she needed to get home to her baby girl.  She never made it home to her daughter that night and was never seen again.

A week later the truck she was driving the night she went missing was found abandoned in front of a motel on the south end of Odessa.  The club she was at the night she was last seen was located at 409 North Hancock, just across from where Odessa Regional Medical Center is now.  There wasn’t much information released in the beginning and her disappearance didn’t receive a lot of attention for a very long time.  It’s likely because of her age and perhaps also the place she was working at when she went missing, it may have been just another runaway young mother in the eyes of law enforcement.  However, it’s more likely that investigators were faced with an immense lack of leads in the case.  You see she had just given birth to her first child, and she had just spoken to one of her sisters the day before saying how excited she was for her family to meet her baby girl.  Given the events surrounding her disappearance I think the investigation was taken very seriously but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough information to go on.  The case went cold and remained so for years.  She was never forgotten however, occasionally her case would be featured in an article here or there stating that information was still being sought in her disappearance.

Again there have been renewed efforts into finding out what happened to the young mother.

The Odessa Police Department has released her story again in the hopes of bringing resolution to Jeannette’s loved ones, especially her daughter Nicole.

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Jeannette was one of four sisters.

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In the early years after her parents divorced, she was responsible for the care of her three younger sisters. The single mother of three young girls relied on her oldest, Jeannette, to play the role of mom in order for the family of five to survive. To say the least, she had a difficult childhood.

Then around the age of 17 she met a guy named Matt Drzewiecki.

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She feel in love quick and married even quicker.  Before the couple made the move to Odessa, Tx, Jeannette’s sister Nancy, recalls some incidents that would bring to light some sordid behavior on the behalf of both Jeannette and Matt.

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This information was found on a genealogical website that is open to the public through membership.  Because of the nature of the information found and not knowing if the family would be comfortable with my sharing of that information, I have decided against posting any of it with this article.

Jeannette's family was doing everything they could and reaching out to anyone they could to seek help in finding Jeannette.

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Custody of her daughter was sought by Jeannette’s mother but was denied and she was left with Matt. It seemed as though her family was not able to connect with Nicole for a very long time. So not only did her family lose their loved one, a daughter and a sister, but they were denied the opportunity to be involved in the only thing left of Jeannette, her daughter.

Now her family is as determined as ever to find out what happened to their long lost loved one.

Any information regarding the disappearance of Jeannette Drzewiecki is still being sought after and can be given anonymously or otherwise by calling Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS (8477)