An author from Odessa has published his first novel and you can download it from Amazon right now.  The book is scheduled to be released in paperback as well.  Taylor Gregory, 26, has apparently already written some novels in the past, this is just the first one that's been published.  The novel "Into The Void" is a fantasy-adventure novel involving a universe where worlds are connected by a mist and only certain people can pop in and out.  The novel by Gregory is self-published which makes him considered an indie author who normally see about 500 copies of their book sold during it's lifetime but I say this guy is one of us so let's help him get past that! I say let's support someone local who's following their dream.  Gregory graduated from Odessa High school in 2011 and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in history from Texas Tech. He says he first started writing when he was around 13 and apparently hasn't stopped yet.  You can download the book for just $4.99 right now here and help support one of our own.

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