Having trouble getting over your ex? Hey, we've all been there, but there's no need to go through this heartache alone. Some brilliant minds have "invented" a state-of-the-art app, Nickelblock, which will play a Nickelback song every time you attempt to view your ex's Facebook profile.

Much like suboxone for heroin addicts, regular use of Nickelblock will block your vicious cycle of dependency. Once Nickelblock is installed on your phone, the effects of Nickelback's "Photograph" triggers a chemical reaction of extreme discomfort in the brain's emotional complex, thus forcing the user to abandon unhealthy Facebook stalking of a lost love.

In this video by Molly Anne Coogan and Arielle Siegel, the effects of Nickelblock are demonstrated with the marketing tact of a pharmaceutical ad aimed at geriatric Wheel of Fortune enthusiasts. But like any self-help product, there are potential side effects including being attracted to Chad Kroeger-like attributes, a strong desire to bomb Canada and loss of dignity.

If you think Nickelblock is right for you, check out the video above for more information!

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