Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw got to meet Chris Evans aka Captain America and decided to show us what's hiding under that eye patch. Dan Crenshaw is a Texas Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of the state and a former Navy SEAL for ten years. He served 3 tours of duty and lost his right eye in 2012 while serving in Afghanistan. He medically retired from service in 2016 and ran for government office in 2018, succeeding Ted Poe for his house seat. Last week, the Representative was able to meet with another American hero on Capitol Hill when Chris Evans, aka Captain America, stopped by.

Chris Evans was in the Capitol to meet with lawmakers on "work on his civics engagement projects," according to a spokesperson who spoke to The Hill. Evans discussed an array of topics with lawmakers, including criminal justice reform, education, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). While speaking with Evans, Texas Rep. Crenshaw decided to finally lift that eyepatch up and show us what he had hidden underneath. Turns out, underneath is an homage to the Marvel comic hero.

Crenshaw posted the photo on Twitter where it quickly went viral. Chris Evans also tweeted out about meeting the Representative and seeing his glass eye by saying it was a "very cool use of vibranium."


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