The newly  elected mayor of Albuqerque, is apparently a huge metal head. And a big fan of Trivium. The mayor got to introduce the group at their show this past weekend.

This past weekend, Florida Metallers Trivium got to see just how metal Albuquerque can be. While at a show at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque Saturday night, they had the mayor of the city come out and introduce the band. Newly elected Albuquerque mayor Tim Keller went out and introduced the band before they took the stage for the show, and admitted his love for the band. The mayor told the sold out crowd:

"Not only am I your new mayor, I love heavy metal. I've been with you since I was born at Tingley Coliseum right here, and I've waited all my life to say thank you and to say Albuquerque is an awesome metal city. And so tonight we have a special treat in store, as you know. One of my favorite bands, a band that I listened to on the campaign trail. When times were tough, they picked us up. Scream for me, Albuquerque, for TRIVIUM."

Trivium LOVED the intro from the mayor, with their bassist Paolo Gregoletto writing on his Instagram later about meeting the mayor of New Mexico's largest city:

Watch the mayor's whole introduction of the band at the KOAT website.

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