In the following news clip you hear this house referred to as the “famous” Flintstone house. I guess that means it’s visible to enough people in Hillsborough, California (in the greater San Francisco bay area) that you can refer to it and everyone there will know what you’re talking about. I’m imagining Hillsboroughans using it to give directions: “Yeah, you take I-280 until you can see the Flintstone House then, as soon as you can, you want to catch the 92 or you’re going to be stuck on the Interstate all the way to Cupertino.”

The Flintstone House was built in 1976, so almost the Stone Age. Definitely the late STONED age, at least. From what I’m able to learn online, it wasn’t originally intended to look like Fred and Wilma’s house. It was just in the adobe style. But made of concrete. And really ugly.

First, here’s a local report:

So, the city’s problem with the newly added statues are two-fold: 1.) they’re unsure the structures are safe and 2.) they absolutely ARE sure that they’re ugly.

My main problem is the increasing lack of scientific accuracy in news programs. In the video, the reporter says the statues include everything from “T-Rex’s to elephants”. Hello?? Elephants? Lady, clearly that statue is meant to be a wooly mammoth, the now extinct relative of the modern elephant. If you didn’t pay attention in science class, couldn’t you at least be familiar with the characters played by Ray Romano and Queen Latifah in Ice Ages 1 thru 6?

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