There are many Christmas movies out there and many that I never miss but there are certainly ones that I will never miss both new and old and no Die Hard is not on my list!

These are my favorites and are in no particular order

1. Christmas Vacation - a classic that should never be missed

2. Elf - one of the category of Christmas films that in my opinion is a true classic

3. A Nightmare Before Christmas - the best of both of my favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas

4.A.Christmas Story - a box office bomb that a cable tv network devotes an entire 24 hours to!

5. It's A Wonderful Life - another box office bomb when it was released, it bombed due to the subject matter of suicide

6. Miracle On 34th Street - the original not the remake!

7. Home Alone - honestly who doesn't love Home Alone

8. A Christmas Carol - In my opinion any version of this is good but the one with Alastair Sim is my favorite

9. The Grinch - the Ron Howard film with Jim Carrey (the cartoon is a must but it's not a movie)

10. The Polar Express - not only breakthrough animation for when it came out but a great message

So those are mine and most likely most of yours as well but let me know what yours may be?