Yesterday was #GivingTuesday! In case you didn’t know the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paired up with Facebook, who is waiving all fees normally associated with this kind of thing, and they are matching fundraising donations on Facebook up to $1,000 per individual fundraiser, $500,000 over all.

It’s a huge boost for anyone who either has or is starting a fundraiser! Obviously were talking about non-profit organizations, so if you thought you would go ahead and start up the “I need money for Christmas” fundraiser, betta don’t.  Yes, I was tempted but I have something far more important to raise money for and that’s Children’s Miracle Network, so I started the “Tawny’s Tiny Tokens for Children’s Miracle Network” fundraiser.  We have until December the 30th to raise $1,000.  Keep in mind when you donate $100 bucks it’s really like you’re donating $200, or $50 or $20, you get the idea, give what you can and watch it double!


So don’t forget to donate so we can reach that $1000 mark, our first day went great, we had so many people sharing and a huge thanks to all those who’ve already donated!

KBAT is a Children’s Miracle Network station now in our second year and we want to make sure we do all we can all year round to help raise money for the kids right here in our community.  We have all sorts of various fundraising events throughout the year with our biggest being the annual Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon.  This year’s radiothon raised over $65k, you guys did that, all you!  We’re talking about moving the date of the radiothon possibly somewhere in the summer instead of November every year which would mean our next radiothon would be in the summer of 2018.  So we really have to do all we can during the year leading up since we would be skipping a year.

Give and give big guys and as always thank you so much for all you do!



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