No doubt, The Cowboys are looking good this year. Zeke not being the only form of attack is probably the one way they really stand out this year. They've always had talented players, but Dak doesn't seem to feel the need to lean on Zeke nearly as much. Hes more relaxed in the pocket and making some great throws.

One thing that does concern me was the first half of last Sunday's game. We started off strong and lost a little momentum. The 2nd half was great, but if they're gonna beat the Packers 2 weeks from now, they have to work out the kinks and keep momentum. I'm not as worried about the Saints as I was at first due to Brees being out. They still pose a threat, and I hope The Boys go into the game with that attitude.

The haters are unfortunately right about one thing. They haven't played any good teams yet. The Cowboys do in fact look promising this year, but it's The Cowboys. They're always going to look good against the bottom 4 teams. That's why I'm especially looking forward to the next 2 games. If we take down the Saints and Green Bay back to back, they'll still talk trash, but the haters won't have a leg to stand on.

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