A conversation has come up organically twice in the last couple of days that sounded like it could be really fun to do on the station.  Doc and I have had friends over this weekend, being that it was a very rare “kid free” weekend.  Normally kid free just means sleeping later and watching whatever we want on the TV in the living room but we decided to go out into the world and not be such hermits.  Plus, it was my best friend, Amanda Brewer’s birthday so we had some Summer Mummer fun on Friday night.  Anyway, so we had friends over this weekend on Friday night and then again last night and one of my favorite things to find out about people is what the first music they purchased for themselves was.  What I mean is, the first record, tape, CD, whatever format, just the first music you bought for yourself was.  Mine was a tape and it was The Four Tops.  I don’t remember the second or even the last but I will always remember the first music I, myself, went into a store with money in hand, browsed the selections and made my first choice of music.  I didn’t browse however, I knew what I wanted when I went in.  I’ve been singing since before I can remember doing it so it’s always been a main focus in my life, more so when I was younger and didn’t have to worry about adulting.  I was listening to music on the radio one day and my dad was doing what dads do, making fun of it.  He said “Kid, don’t you know if you’re wanting something to sing to there’s way better stuff out there?”.  I asked him what a good group would be that I could sing with, something with harmonies but still fun to listen to.  At the time I listened to more choral music than the radio but I was itching to find something less proper and more  fun.  He said, well, I think you’d really like The Four Tops.  Keep in mind that my dad was and still is a rough, inappropriate, cowboy hippie that had nothing but Classic rock on in the car every time we went anywhere, and there was no changing it.  For a hot minute I thought he was pulling my leg but it turns out my dad was given some music education by his mom the way he was giving it to me and the way I’m giving it to my son.  He said that all music was inspired by something that came before it and momma always said when you start something, you should start at the beginning. That was a long way just to tell you what the first music I bought for myself was but I figure if recipe websites can do it, so can I.

Now the fun part, your turn.

Oh and by the way, Doc’s was Shaquille O’Neal’s first rap album…that I didn’t even know existed, and our dear friend Nick Jackson admitted that his first was Ace of Base.  Nice.

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