My best friend and I went on a trip to take a ghost tour in Mineral Wells not too long ago. She's been more than a few times but it had been a first for me.  The highlight of the tour, however, I was no stranger to.

It's really massive

The Baker Hotel, located in Mineral Wells, TX has been sitting abandoned and empty for something like 47 years.

The bridge that connects the hotel to the pool
I bet the pool was the spot to be back in the day

If you've ever seen it, it's breathtaking.  The ghost tour we went on starts on the steps of The Baker and even though you can't go in, as was once an option, you can walk around and peep through holes in the boarded up windows.

Looks like something straight out of a horror movie

We decided, as we walked away from The Baker and begin the tour that we would come back and jump the fence for some ghost hunting of our own.

It got spookier as it got darker

However, the more we though about the chances of encountering more than just ghosts....i.e. homeless meth heads, on the adventure, we changed our minds pretty quick.  In the last blog I wrote about The Baker I might have mentioned talk of an effort to get the old girl back up and running.  Well, that's actually going to be a thing thanks to a couple of super cool duded from Southlake.  In June it was announced on the steps of The Baker that the renovations would be starting soon and the hotel that once brought life to the sleepy town of Mineral Wells would once again open it's doors to the world.  They say the hotel could be taking guests as soon as 2022 and I for one hope to be one of the first to stay in the hotel once it's brought back to it's former glory. You can read the full story on the renovations here on