What could be more Murican than this? It's a red, white and, blue "MURICA" shirt written in the style of Metallica...I guess they didn't get the memo. Metallica isn't exactly shy about suing people for using similarities to their music and logo. I don't want to jump the gun and say somebody gonna get sued but...somebody gonna get sued.

Lol you'll never guess where I got this gem. It's probably the most fitting place to get a shirt such as this. Yep, good ole Wal-Mart. My brother and I were headed to a pool party and he needed to snag a quick swimsuit so where else do you go when you need something that no one ever thinks about needing? I saw this and had to have it. I'm pretty sure they're just gearing up for the 4th of July but I don't need a reason to sport the most glorious/ridiculous/awesome shirt ever.

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