So now there are murder hornets on the loose in the United States. At this point I'm beginning to suspect that we are all being punked. For one, that's not even what they're really called. They are called the Asian Giant Hornet. The name "Murder Hornet" came from the fact that they have the potential to wipe out the bee population. Don't get me wrong. That would be bad for the ecosystem and everything in it, including us. However, "Murder Hornet" is a bit aggressive. In short, yes. They are in fact just making up stuff with a feeling of dread that surrounds it. Why? Because of you and me. It gets clicks, likes, and shares. It gets attention and that is one of the most valuable commodities in the entire world. Likes, clicks, and shares equal more opportunity to advertise to you. Hell, what do you think we're doing now? If it were just a giant hornet from Asia, would you have even clicked this? I doubt it. Basically, we have no one to blame for the ridiculous name but ourselves. Meh, at least it makes the day a little more interesting.

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