Being romantic can be many things.  Traditionally however, romantic gestures make one think of flowers, long walks on the beach, serenading someone, writing poems, candle lite dinners ect, ect…. And don’t get me wrong those things are very romantic, but sometimes ladies you gotta take what you can get! To be honest, in addition to those things, there are plenty of other things that can be romantic, for example, when someone remembers that your favorite desert is cheese cake so they bring some home since they were at the grocery store and happened to notice it, or one of my personal favorites that never fails to get me all RANDY! To come home to a man washing dishes or doing some other household chore…. I mean DAYUM! That’s sexy.  Today instead of flowers I walked in to the KBAT studio and found this and it was boner city from there on baby!  What’s the most non-romantic/romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

Pickle chips are the bomb!