A man has been missing since last August from Monahan’s, just a stone’s throw away from Odessa/Midland and he’s no closer to being found today then he was when he disappeared on August 13th 2017.

August 13th 2017 is the day a son, brother, husband and a friend to many seemingly up and vanished.  His family and friends are desperate to find him. Here is all the information so far.

Christopher was here in West Texas working in the oilfield. Chris was last seen around 9:30 am on August 13th, 2017. He was staying in his RV while working a job.  He went for a walk and never returned.  There has been no cell phone or bank activity since.  He was last seen wearing a black shirt with the letters TCU, jeans, boots and a black hat.  He has several tattoos on his chest, belly, arms and legs.  One on his left forearm of a diamond and clubs with flames, one of spades and hearts with flames on the right forearm, a money, eyeball mushrooms and aliens on his chest and stomach.  His wife, brother and mother are all very worried and very active on social media with efforts to spread as much information to as many people as possible about Christopher’s disappearance.  Chris is on bi-polar medication as well as high blood pressure medication. He is a father of three with four step children and ten grandchildren. His wife Angela says the combination of the work he was doing and his health conditions had him tired and stressed out and believes it’s possible he just got overwhelmed.

The QPS RV park Christopher went missing from is located off I-20. He was last seen walking east on the I-20 service road.  Someone had to have seen him and someone has to know where he is.

If you have any information on Christopher Sanders’ whereabouts contact the Monahan’s Police Department at (432) 943-3254.


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