"Stranger Things" is for sure one my favorite shows of all time. It's got everything I love in a show/movie; nostalgia, mystery, scares, monsters, and always a twist at the end, I LOVE it! And although I really don't mind watch it over and over from star to finish I would love to see another show like it come out. I'm not saying it's even possible but wouldn't it be nice? Well I might have found something to at least tide us over I until season 4 comes out. The show I'm talking about is called "The School Nurse Files". It's a Netflix original as well. It's about a girl who has supernatural powers. She can see dead people and calls them jellies. It's not as well made or put together as "Stranger Things" but hell you take what you can get. Oh it's dubbed over in English in case you watch and wonder why the mouths don't match the words.

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