Don't throw your old Levi's away just yet. The brand wants to buy them back from you. They're launching a marketplace for secondhand jeans.  The store is called Levi's SecondHand. If you happen to live near one the the brands U.S. stores you can bring your old jeans in and gift card up to $25. They'll clean the jeans and then sell them so someone else can enjoy all the broken in goodness. You can check here to see where the closest store to you is.  If not just for the convenience of not having to break in a pair of jeans, do it for the environmental benefits. According to Fast Levi's estimated that the carbon footprint of a pair of cleaned and repaired jeans is 80% lower than new. Just extending the life of a piece of clothing by nine months, the company says, does more to reduce environmental impact than anything else that can happen in the life cycle of that apparel-that according to the article on fast

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