On February 2nd, one of Midland's oldest cold cases will come up on it's 35th anniversary.

According to the Charley Project, Kristy Lynne Booth was partying at a popular disco club on Airpark Road called Dimensions on February 2, 1980.

They go on to say a friend of hers named Ron Ferrenberg needed to borrow her car for the night so he dropped her off at the night club and told her he would be back around 11pm.

When Ferrenberg returned around 11pm, he could not find Ms. Booth. Later it was stated that her coat and shoes were found inside the club. With temperatures in the lower 20s that night, it was determined that she was taken unwillingly from the club.

I remember that Dimensions closed later that year, and the bowling alley adjacent to it and Dimensions night club were demolished years later to make way for the ClayDesta complex.

On February 4, her car was found abandoned on Rankin Hwy about a mile south of Interstate 20. She was not reported missing until February 7.

Ferrenberg, who passed away, according to Ancestry.com records, in October 1981, was given a polygraph test on February 15, 1980 and passed.

The case received many tips in the beginning, but after six months the case went cold.

Many rumors and urban legends have been created in the 35 years since her disappearance including one post in a thread on websleuths that stated everyone that was seated at her table on the night of her disappearance, were all dead within a year.

There have been no new leads on the case in decades

If you have any information you can contact the Midland Police Department at 432-685-7100 or Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 512-424-2811.




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