Cici's story is a sad one.  She entered the Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals in Midland back in 2016 with her sons Shin and Kobe.  Kobe passed away from complications from surgery that same year, after which Shin and Cici became inseparable. Bonded pairs are always harder to get adopted and Cici and Shin were no exception!  Interested people would want one, but not the other. Shin passed away a week and a half ago, and now Cici is at the Sanctuary all alone. Sadly, Shin ended up living the rest of his life at the Sanctuary with no family to call his own. The Sanctuary staff loved and cared for him but it isn't the same as having a forever home.

The Staff at Lone Star was deeply saddened when they had to say goodbye to Shin, but no one was as devastated as Cici!  Shin never got his forever family. But that doesn't mean this also has to be Cici's story!  If you are looking for a sweet dog to sit on your lap, go for walks around the neighborhood and give you lots of kisses and cuddles-please consider meeting Cici!  This little Chihuahua mix is almost 11 years old but still has the energy of a much younger dog.  Cici is used to being around cats and gets along with other dogs. She isn't comfortable with children and would need a household with no kids. Cici lives in one of their cat buildings, so if you would like to meet Cici please let the office staff know when you get there, and they will take you to her building.  Please share and help Cici find a happy ending to her story. Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals is at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland, and visiting /adoption hours are every day EXCEPT Thursdays from 1:30-4:30 pm. Closed on Thursdays.

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