A lot can be said about a man and his music. And now we have scientific research that shows if you are a man who likes "unsophisticated" music, you probably have more testosterone.

Scientists believe testosterone might affect the amygdala - the area of the brain that controls emotions and responds to pleasurable experiences.

So if you're a fan of Journey or Motorhead, you most likely have higher testosterone.

Scientists believe men with lots of testosterone could favour 'unsophisticated' music because this hormone drives people to seek dominance which can lead to rebelliousness.

On the flip side, if you have lower testosterone, you probably enjoy jazz or classical music.

This is the first time scientists believe they have found a link between someone's musical taste and their biological make up. Of course this hasn't been completely proven, so if you do like jazz or classical, you don't need to worry about running to your doctor to get testosterone treatment quite yet.

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