I would say most people have been on a bad date at least once. Whether they just didn't click with the person they were with, or things just went bad during the date. Well, 2,000 people were recently surveyed, and here are the top 10 date deal breakers.

  1. Saying something racist or intolerant.
  2. Being inconsiderate or rude.
  3. Bad hygiene.
  4. Saying something sexist.
  5. Making it clear you're not over your ex.
  6. Being closed-minded.
  7. Doing drugs.
  8. Having bad manners.
  9. Being ignorant.
  10. Being flaky or showing up late.

I could see some of these being deal breakers, but depending on the person you are on the date with, they could also be a huge turn on. What if you're on a date with a huge racist? I'm pretty sure that would be anything but a deal breaker.

Or it could be like Bill Burr who had lunch with someone who thought they were being racist, but really weren't.


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