As this past week wound down, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine took part in a chat with fans and discussed his musical future, but toward the end of the discussion, he revealed that he was planning to visit a fan in the hospital who had been injured during the their show in Neuquen, Argentina. Mustaine finished his post by stating, "Love you guys, and please for God's sake be nice to each other!"

According to reports from Minutouno, the fan in question was allegedly robbed and stabbed three times during the show. The man had traveled with friends to see the show and while there he reportedly started arguing with a woman who allegedly tried to steal his wallet. While the argument was going on, he was then assaulted by "an overweight man with a cap" and stabbed three times in the chest and forearm. From there, the victim was transported to the Castro Rendon hospital where he remained in stable condition.

After hearing of the assault, Mustaine and his bandmates visited the man in the hospital. A video news report from Noticiero Canal10 Rio Negro can be seen below along with tweets of the man posing for photos with the band members and Mustaine himself.

As you can see in the report, Mustaine says the man is doing fine and he reveals that they've invited him to their show in Buenos Aires later this month. The band is currently in the midst of a tour of South America. See all of their currently scheduled shows here.

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