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Here is your recap for Friday, August 5th of the Buzz Adams Morning Show Podcast.

00:00:10 - Buzz has some Olympic facts for us. It's usually 5 random facts, but they aren't really random if they're all about the same topic.

00:06:21 - We cover all the days news including a creepy clown just strolling around Green Bay, WI.

00:22:38 - We play some Neckline calls, talk a little bit about movies (mainly Suicide Squad and it's reviews) and we have the Late Night Round Up.

00:31:27 - Fernie had to leave so Joanna is filling in for The Hollywood Buzz. She honestly had no warning, just got handed a script by Fernie. Which is evident when she gets to the story about the Big Lebowski dying.

00:48:42 - It's the MoSho Calendar and Daily Almanac of events.

If you want to catch the whole show, you can on our YouTube channel, and this one was special because, since Fernie was gone, there's a whole lot of extra footage after the show, with Buzz complaining the camera is on him. And Daver, Engineer extraordinaire, shows up.