Wes Scantlin was singing the 2001 hit song 'Blurry' at the 'Make America Rock Again Tour.' From this video it looks a little blurry himself as he slurs his way through the lyrics.

He appears to be concentrating hard on enunciating his words. Puddle of Mudd is performing selected dates on the 'Make America Rock Again' tour. A warrant was issued back in May for Wes not showing up for court. It's painful to watch, quite honestly.

In April of 2016, Wes was involved in a standoff with with police outside of his Los Angeles home. According to TMZ,'cops tried several times to get Wes to comply, but when he continued to ignore them ... they called in at least 30 officers with guns drawn. After a couple of hours, police broke down Wes' back door and hauled him out.'

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