It's just not what I expected but what do I know?

10. Magic Mike

9. Tropic Thunder

8. Thirteen Conversations About One Thing

7. The Lincoln Lawyer

6. Bernie

5. Dazed and Confused

4. Dallas Buyers  Club

3. Lone Star

2. MUD

1. Kubota and The Two Strings

Really? I mean I'm not a huge McConeaghey fan either way but the number one rated Matthew McConaughey movie is a stop animation film?  The movie was great don't get me wrong, I love stop animation, it's just that I don't get how it ended up at number one.  Honestly I'm the last person in the world to weigh in on this considering I've only seen three of the movies on this top ten list anyway.  The only thing I can weigh in on is the movies I have actually seen that didn't make the top ten that I think should.

Here are mine, I would love to hear yours!

The Wolf of Wall Street



We Are Marshall

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