Beloved Texan and all around cool dude Matthew McConaughey has a very unique voice- and now you can listen to him read you a bedtime story while you fall asleep. Matthew McConaughey is a name many people know due to his popular movies, good looks, and eccentric personality. If you have questions about the last thing, please refer to his 1999 arrest when he was naked playing the bongo drums while his friend clapped along. True story. McConaughey is also known to be a proud Texan who loves the lone star state and his Texas Longhorns. He's such a big fan of the school and their sports teams that he was recently named the Minister of Culture for the school. We're not really sure what that is or what his specific job is but we do know it allows you to be down on the court, on the field, and inside the huddle during sporting events.

Another great thing about Matthew McConaughey is his very distinct voice. Even if you weren't able to see his face, you could recognize that drawl when he speaks. Now, McConaughey has partnered with a meditation app to read you a bedtime story to help fall asleep. Calm is a meditation that that helps people fall asleep and reduce stress in their life. They also have a section in their app where you can choose a story to be read to you by someone, even a celebrity! Matthew McConaughey lent his voice to the app and now reads a story called "Wonder." You can hear a snippet of the story in the video above, but if you would like to hear McConaughey's story in its entirety download the Calm app.

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