Leroy Black is going to have some explaining to do when he gets to pearly gates.

The 55-year-old man from Egg Harbor Township, N.J. passed away last week and, like so many deaths, his departure to the next world leaves those he left behind with a lot of questions. Well, actually, one question: was he an adulterer? Because his obit – corrections obits – sure indicate as much.

Press of Atlantic City

Yes, Black is the subject of two obits in the Press of Atlantic City that ran one on top of the other, with one saying he is survived by his wife, while the other reports he is survived by his girlfriend.

Well, that should make the funeral very awkward.

In addition to the whole "hey, he's got a wife and a girlfriend" thing, there's the issue of one obit using a nickname and one using his middle name.

Black was so darned dreamy that it appears the women in his life knew about each other. An employee at the funeral home where his memorial service was held told Philly Voice the obits were written because "the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way." The rep said he didn't expect any sort of drama because everyone knows about the arrangement, which means that maybe, just maybe, Black won't have to explain himself to Saint Peter.

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