If you watch the Netflix series everyone is talking about — Making a Murderer — than the name Brad Dassey will sound familiar to you. Brad is the half-brother of one of the suspects in the case, Brendan, and turns out, a Christian rapper.

In the wake of the growing popularity of 10-part series about his half-brother and Steven Avery in connection with a 2005 murder case in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Brad, who shares a father with Brendan, wrote the track, titled "They Didn't Do It." The track was released on Soundcloud earlier this week.

Brad told The Daily Beast, “I don’t want to sound prideful, but I think it could be an anthem … for the awesome times ahead."

The song proclaims the innocence of both Brendan and Avery, who are currently in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach and features lines like, “Things clearly showed that it was just a joke. Cops were only there just to prod and poke. Not a fair trial. Not a fair game. Whole thing’s whacked. Just a lying shame.”

Brad said he wrote the song in about 10-straight hours, without even stopping to eat. He also said he was fired from his job as a Manitowoc radio DJ — DJ Dassey — after his brother's conviction.

“It’s been a rough journey for all of us,” Dassey said. "Just having the last name was horrible back then. Because, I don’t know, people judge you.”

You can listen to They Didn't Do It below and check out more of Brad's sick rhymes on Soundcloud.

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