Ever order anything online and it wasn't quite what you wanted? Maybe the clothing size was a bit off. Maybe they mixed up the color of something. Now, imagine you ordered a Kindle, but instead you were shipped a tumor.

Bristol local, James Potten, ordered an electronic reader but when the package came he got "quite a shock"  when he opened up the FedEx package late last week and found a lump of cancer instead of his Kindle.

"I haven't opened the sealed box, which says exempt patient tissue, as it doesn't belong to me," Mr Potten said, adding that he was worried that the tumour sample – meant for the Royal Free Hospital – may have been needed urgently.

Potten says the tracking number had the same first 5 digits and same last 3 as his, but obviously it wasn't his Kindle inside the package. FedEx said it "regretted the error" and is now reviewing is process to make sure this doesn't happen again. The mistake has been fixed with Potten getting his proper package with a Kindle inside and the tumor on it's way to it's intended recipient.

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