Count Jon Bon Jovi among those who have no use for reality television shows like the Real Housewives and Kardashians franchises.

In a new interview, the Bon Jovi frontman slammed celebrities who've become rich and famous just for being rich and famous. “I think it’s horrific that we live in that world, and I can tell you I’ve never given 60 seconds of my life, ever, to one of those Housewives of Blah Blah and Kardashians,” he said on The Sunday Project (via Yahoo!).

He took particular exception to Kim Kardashian, who first entered public consciousness in 2007 when a sex tape she made with rapper Ray J was leaked. She has since managed to leverage her brand into a lucrative career across several industries. “What’s gonna be in your autobiography? 'I made a porno, and guess what? I got famous,'" he said. ”Fuck, sorry, I’ll pass!”

Bon Jovi instead reserved his respect for those who earn their fame as a result of creative endeavors. “Go and write a book, paint a painting, act, study, sing" or write a play, he said. "Fame is a byproduct of writing a good song.”

The article points out that Bon Jovi attempted to enter the world of reality TV in 2015 as the executive producer of a show called If I Wasn't a Rock Star. The concept involved musicians returning to their hometowns to spend time working at local jobs. The project, which was co-produced by the Weinstein Company, never aired.



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