It's been away for a few months, but it is now BACK! First and foremost, CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE PODCAST. Okay, that link is direct to iTunes. If you use Google Play or get your podcasts another way, just search Buzz Adams Morning Show and it should pop right up for you. If it doesn't, please let us know.

The podcast is going to be slightly different than before. We used to upload multiple segments from one show as one podcast episode. Not anymore. We're giving you the podcast in smaller, bite size chunks.

Also, the podcast used to sound choppy because we would have to edit out any copyrighted material. We don't have to worry about that anymore. Sort of. We still have to worry about copyrighted material, but we're selecting specific segments that don't rely on music or sound effects we can't put in a podcast.

So yes, there will be stuff you hear on the show that will not make the podcast because they rely too heavily on copyrighted material. But we are working on getting as much as we can up as a podcast, while ensuring the quality of the broadcast is still there.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback, you are always more than welcome to drop me an email to

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