It’s a John Wick world, and while the hero himself may be on literally everyone’s hit-list in his movie universe, the real world can’t get enough of him. There will probably be a third movie, but we’re also getting a TV show and a comic series while we wait.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comic book series, eagerly awaited by fans since its announcement last winter, will flash back to before John Wick was the feared, respected, idolized, practically mythological figure he is in the movies. Now that we’ve seen Wick at the end of his career (kind of), we’ll get to see him at the very start of it. Wonder what life is like for an assassin just starting out? Is it like assassin freelancing?

The creators got the blessings from everyone involved in the movies — even Keanu Reeves himself. Greg Pak, who wrote the new comic and is also the man behind the “Planet Hulk” storyline (which we’ll see some of in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok — everything’s connected!), shared a statement with comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment:

I was on board pretty much as soon as I got the call and heard ‘John Wick.’ I’m a huge Keanu Reeves fan and loved the John Wick movies, which had the kind of kinetic action and intriguing mythology that seemed like a perfect fit for comics. I’m also always happy to work with my friends at Dynamite, who are always a pleasure to make comics with. And the art I saw from Giovanni Valletta blew my mind — he’s totally nailing Keanu Reeves’ likeness while creating emotional, dynamic, exciting action. This book is going be beautiful. But what really sealed the deal was when Dynamite Editor Anthony Marques said we had the greenlight to tell a John Wick origin story. That was astounding to me — we’re not just telling another fun adventure with the character; we’re actually going to be able to add to this character’s and world’s tremendous mythology by telling an origin story! What could be cooler than that?

Speaking of Giovanni Valletta’s mind-blowing art, here’s the cover of the first issue, followed by its variant, drawn by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz:

Dynamite Entertainment
Dynamite Entertainment

They totally nailed John Wick’s neon technicolor ambience, and Valletta’s lines look just as dynamic as any fight scene in the movies. We can’t wait for this.

The John Wick comic series will be on shelves and digital this September.