Not everyone can find a way to incorporate more than three instruments into a song, let alone 45. But then again, not everybody is YouTube sensation Rob Scallon. Today, Scallon has released a new video that has him writing a song that incorporates every instrument in his collection. Whereas other musicians may have a couple guitars lying around and maybe the odd keyboard, Scallon has a whopping 45 different instruments at his disposal.

It's pretty crazy to see all these instruments at play in one song. After a quick skit where Scallon himself points out the ridiculousness of what he's doing, a huge, chugging chorus kicks in with all the instruments moving at once. Throughout the track you'll be treated to a variety of sounds, including a theremin, an electric cello, a double neck guitar, a fretless bass, a two string bass, a banjo, multiple sized ukeleles, a harmonica, a hockey stick, a shovel and of course, a cowbell.

Strange premise aside, the song is killer on its own terms. In between the loud thumps of each instruments, he'll work in quick hits from a banjo or theremin, before coming back to its powerful chorus. The mood in the song changes as it continues, the really beautiful aspects of the larger string instruments and guitars being shown off on their own strengths, the dichotomy of what they can pull off depending on execution.

This isn't the first time Scallon has pulled off some crazy stunts with his musicianship. In the past, we've seen him pull off other wild feats, including going through System Of A Down's entire catalog in four minutes, using a berimbau to construct a new original track, translated Slayer to the ukelele and a whole lot more.

See all these instruments at work for yourself above!

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