Asking Alexandria just completed recording of their fifth album this past weekend. The band had wrapped up the reunion tour in early June before finishing up the disc.

According to a posting on vocalist Danny Worsnop’s Facebook page, the album will likely drop in 2018. This will be Worsnop's first record with Asking Alexandria since rejoining the band in October of 2016. The album is also serve as a follow up to The Black, which featured Denis Stoff on vocals.

Worsnop had been teasing for months on Twitter that the album was underway. Over the weekend, he confirmed in multiple tweets that the album was finished. A few weeks prior, he was asked his favorite album and suggested From Death to Destiny, but added that as of 2018 it will be the new one.

“I have had so much fun writing an album I never thought I'd make with people I never thought I'd make one with again. It's out of the box, out of my comfort zone, out of the ordinary, and out of this world,” Worsnop posted on his Facebook.

He continued, “This is something totally new and unique that I cannot wait for the world to hear. This album has me proud, humbled, reassured and affirmed. Welcome to a new era, and a new sound which I'm sure in two years will be ripped off by far too many artists (there's a song about that on here too).”

Worsnop parted ways with the band in 2015, but that rift has been mended and the band is moving forward to a new chapter. At present, the group does not have any more tour dates scheduled in 2017.

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