Want to be in a band with Joey Jordison? Of course you do! The beloved drummer recently parted way with the singer for his new project Scar the Martyr and the band is now holding open auditions to find a new frontman.

In late 2013, Slipknot fans were shocked to learn Joey Jordison had been let go from the band after 18 years behind the kit. Though Jordison had parted ways with Slipknot, the drummer wasn't looking to stay away from music. Formed in 2013, Scar the Martyr continued with Jordison still amongst their ranks, but on April 10, vocalist Henry Derek Bonner released a statement announcing his departure from Scar the Martyr to focus on another project featuring Jeff Friedl of A Perfect Circle and King ov Hell from God Seed. However, Scar the Martyr released their own statement, suggesting that it was their choice to let Bonner go.

Continuing on without Henry, Scar the Martyr posted a statement via Facebook soliciting tryout videos from fans:

As recently mentioned, Scar The Martyr is looking for a new vocalist. Before we make a final decision, we have decided to open up submissions to the public. If you are interested, email your tryout video to stmvocaltryout@stronghq.com. We look forward to seeing and hearing your submissions.
Scar The Martyr

Think you have what it takes to become Scar the Martyr's new frontman. Send the boys a video and you may just find yourself onstage!

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