Slipknot are moving forward without longtime drummer Joey Jordison, and Corey Taylor reveals in a new interview (seen above) that all will be alright as far as the writing for the band's next album.

In a new interview with Rock Revolt Magazine on the set of his upcoming movie, 'Fear Clinic,' Taylor stated, "I know there's the myth out there that Joey wrote everything, but that's not at all true. We all write, and we all bring something to the table. And between me and Jim [Root] and Mick [Thomson] and Clown [Crahan] and everybody, I think we're gonna be able to put something really, really cool together. The dynamic will change a little bit but as far as our approach to the music and our intensity and how much we love doing what we do, that will remain unchanged and we're gonna go for it just 110 percent."

Taylor did reveal that the band is actually looking for a replacement for Jordison, stating that their choice will also impact the upcoming disc. "Honestly it depends on who we get. It all comes to someone who can play the old stuff, but also brings a certain creativity to it. In lieu of what we've done, we need to focus on that, and make that the focus right now, instead of worrying about what's gonna happen later."

The frontman revealed that a replacement for Jordison has not been chosen as of yet, but stated they have some ideas and they'll let fans know as soon as they know. He added, "We're keeping everything really close to the chest right now. I mean, it's out of respect for Joe, and for us. And there's just a host of legal things that we need to sort out."

While both sides have been relatively mum on the matter, Jordison recently insisted that he did not quit the band.

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