Slipknot played a show in Toronto a few days ago, and singer Corey Taylor sat down for an interview with that you can watch above. One of the topics was if he thought ousted drummer Joey Jordison would ever return to the band.

"I don't know," Taylor says. "I don't know. I mean, it's hard, you know?! One of the reasons why he's not with us now is because he was going one way and we were going another, and I mean on all fronts. With respect to Joey, I won't comment any more. But the future holds surprises that none of us can see in advance. So all I can say is we'll see. But 'I don't know' pretty much covers it."

Taylor was also asked whether the new drummer and bassist (whose identities have been apparently confirmed to be Jay Weinberg and bassist Alessandro "Vman" Venturella) are hired guns or if they will eventually become permanent members.

Taylor says, "We'll just have to see, won't we? I mean, nobody is handed anything in this band. Everybody earns what they get in this band. And that's what I've been telling everybody since Day One. I know a lot of the fans were upset because we wouldn't commit to anything."

He adds, "It's, like, 'Woooah, hold on! We've been a band for fifteen years, and we've done a lot together.' And you don't just get handed something like that; you earn your way in. I can tell you they're doing great. They're fantastic to hang out with, they're great on stage, they sound awesome, and we're having a good time. Other than that, we'll just have to see what we see."

He was also asked why the new members haven't been officially identified yet. "Right now it was more important to just kind of get all of the important stuff out of the way first — get the album out, get the video done, get Knotfest done, get the first tours done, just to re-establish the band," Taylor reveals. "'Cause it's not about the individual members."

Slipknot are currently on tour with Korn through Dec. 7. They will also be appearing at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, next May. For all their tour dates, go here.

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