I don't remember much from when I was in 5th grade that doesn't have to do with playing or swimming once the school year was over. I sure don't remember doing anything like the work that my 5th grader is doing. Having to finish out the school year with him at home has been rough. Not just because I'm absolutely not meant to teach children but also because it's hard to keep a kid focused when they've suddenly been given what amounts to be the longest summer break of thier lives. I can't say enough about how amazing the teachers at his school, TLCA (Texas Leadership Charter Academy), have been. I've had a hard time just making sure he gets all his assignments done. When it comes to the math he's doing I'm not much help at all when he has an actual question.  I'm just so thankful he has the kind of teachers he has because they really give these kids their all and they don't get told enough how appreciated they are. If you're a teacher thank you so much for everything you do for these kids. If you know a teacher or anyone in the field of education really, make sure you let them know how thankful you are and how much they are appreciated for all they do.

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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