Although it was in the news last week I wanted to wait and see if more information would come out soon after.  I’m talking about the remains of an infant that were found in Brady Lake on Friday, May 7th. If there was an unfortunate situation involving some sort of kidnapping ect… I figured someone would come forward pretty quick and I didn’t want to be disrespectful by writing something that might give the impression that I was making assumptions or putting any kind of blame anywhere without knowing more about the situation.  I still don’t know much about the situation, as is the case with most of the general public, and I still do not plan on making any assumptions.  I just wanted to relay the information that was released by the Chief of the Brady Police Department, Steve Thomas, and ask that anyone, anywhere with any  information, please, contact the Brady Police Department at (325) 597-2121.

On Friday May 7th, a fisherman working a bank noticed something partially submerged in the water.  Upon further inspection he could see that it was an ammunition canister near the water’s edge.  When removing it from the water he noticed it was a little heavy so he opened it and unfortunately discovered the body of a deceased infant.  He contacted law enforcement immediately.   Texas Ranger Joel Timms, Justice of the Peace, Maggie Sawyer and representatives from Heritage Funeral Home were all summoned to the scene to perform their assessments and responsibilities….which just means they came to take over care for the this baby.  An autopsy has been ordered and according the information found at it was set to be performed on May 10th at the Central Texas Medical Examiner’s Office in Lockhart.  Once the results from the autopsy come back a clearer picture of the baby’s identity, gender and cause of death should be available.  I’ve looked around for any more information on this story but I haven’t found anything so I’m guessing the results are not yet available.

If you know anything about this, anything at all please reach out to the Brady Police Department at (324) 597-2121.


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