Screenshot of Margaret and Keith Conable

On this day in 1980 the bodies of a couple in their 50’s were found bound, and beaten to death.  The 400 block of Cherry Ridge in San Antonio wasn’t necessarily an upscale neighborhood in 1980 but it also wasn’t by any means a bad part of town nor did it have a heavy history of breaks-in’s and or violent crimes.  Margaret and Keith Conable were bound and beaten to death in their own home.  They had been married for 34 years.  When they said “till death do we part” little did they know just how literal those vows would be.  At around 11 p.m. on Friday, May 9th 1980, their neighbors report hearing gunshots.  Around that same time a 1973, gold Mercury Montego was reported to be seen driving down the street rather fast.

Screenshot of a vehicle similar to the one taken

Neighbors recognized the vehicle as belonging to the Conables who lived at 458 Cherry Ridge and speculated that someone might have possibly taken ill, and needed a quick trip to seek medical care. That, however, was not the case. The following day the concerned neighbors noticed that thier vehicle was still missing and upon inspection they see that the home is left open. The neighbors discovered the couple tied up and badly beaten to death.  Their vehicle and some CB radios are all that the police have reported as missing.  Margaret worked in civil service and Keith was semi-retired, working as a mechanic. There were several leads through the years but none of which led to a resolution to the case. The SAPD Cold Case squad is still working on this case.

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding this case please call 210 207 7635