Well it happened....I hope my guy doesn't take this too hard but I've always told him that if I ever developed feelings that weren't for him I would be upfront and honest and tell him right away. It happened so fast I didn't even see it coming. In fact you could even say I'm somewhat obsessed.

I've developed a huge crush....

On anime...

Attack on Titan

Death Note



Cowboy Bebop


The Seven Deadly Sins


Castlevania-does this count as an anime?

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf-yes I know it's a movie not based off an anime but it's animated so I threw it in

Is it wrong to pick up chicks in a dungeon

Demon Slayer

Corpse Princess


My Hero Academia- I've only seen the first few episodes

I tried the original Sailor Moon and was like ummm but my girl Lauren Aguilar Jenkins said the maybe I shouldn't have started with the original on that one.

I found one on Hulu called High School DxD thinking it was about a student that made bad grades or something, the picture that came up was a typical anime type poster and I saw they had cute uniforms and some swirly stuff in the background so I was like ok, maybe this is a wizard type school and it's about a wizard that wants to be good at wizarding but is always making bad grades. Then I read the synopsis and it said it was about a guy that died and got brought back to life by a devil and of course I was like YUP! I'm down to watch some creepy anime.  The story line sounds good but I was not expecting what I saw and heard. All I could think was that there's someone somewhere whose only job is to draw anime boobs all day...and that person has to love their job to do that all day everyday.

Anyway, I feel like I may have left one out but I can't remember which one it is.

I've been watching anime for such a short time and there are so many out there. Rather than googling "best anime's to watch" I thought I'll just ask people that know more about it than me and have been watching way longer.

So let's hear those suggestions!


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