If you're looking to make a baseball game a bit more exciting, Moundball is for you. It doesn't take a whole lot for a game of Moundball. You just need a hat or cup, a couple of friends, and some dollar bills for betting.

Moundball has been around since 1977, at least it has been according to its Wikipedia page. And the rules of Moundball are rather simple:

  • You can start however you want, but it's generally the person sitting closest to the aisle who get the money first.
  • Everyone pitches in one dollar (or more if you are high rollers) and the person who is designated first, holds the money.
  • At the end of each half inning, the umpire will throw the ball out to the mound. If the ball stays up on the mound, the person holding the money gets all of it, and you start over again the next half inning. This time the person sitting next to the previous money holder gets the money.
  • There are a couple of things that will pop up during a regular game.
    • If the ball winds up resting on the edge of the grass and the mound, that is not a winner. It needs to clearly be up on the mound.
    • If the umpire hands the ball to the pitcher rather than rolling it to the mound, that counts as a non-winner.
    • All players are responsible for their own turn and must be in the seat to win the pot.


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