Well, chest congestion to be exact.

If you're like me you google everything.  Guys, I’m talking EVERYTHING! I’ve googled do boys dogs have nipples, DIY ear infection fix with newspaper on fire, how to get rid of lady bug infestation in vehicle…. Everything in my life that I don’t already know, I google. I have no shame.  I would hate for anyone to actually look through a weeks worth of the stuff that I google, there would be tears shed and many questions.  However, my “google” everything method has proven itselft to be the best way to find things out hands down.  Then again, what works for some may not work for all.  A co-worker at my big girl job asked if I could come to his desk and read something to make sure he wasn’t going crazy.  To which I immediately thought “Is this how an episode of a show on Investigation Discovery is gonna start after they discover my lifeless body….” But that’s just how my warped mind works so don’t mind me.  Anyway, I didn’t “SSDGM” and instead was happy to oblige considering no one ever asks me for help with anything so I felt very purposfull at the moment.  Side not- I’ll give a KBAT shirt to the first person who tells me what and where the acrynm “SSDGM” comes from.

So back to my non-murderous co-worker at my big girl job….he tells me as we are walking to his office that he was just trying to look up “Best way to cure chest congestion” and as he was reading through the results from the first tab he clicked on he came across this and had to re-read a few times before deciding to get a second opinion as to the problem with either his vision or his sanity.

Apparently one of the remedies is “hard to swallow”….. see what I did there.  Actually that makes no sense but serioulsy who entered this into the que for Answers.com?


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