There are milestone birthdays in every young person's life. Those double digits are a big deal. Wow, 10 years old! Then the day you hit 13 and become a teenager its the best thing but 15 is huge for young ladies dreaming about their quinceanera since they were small girls and sweet 16 even better because you're old enough for a cool party and also to drive legally for the first time.

What if I told you you could win of either of those experiences? The Odessa Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, along with businesses throughout Odessa are teaming up to giveaway either a quinceanera or sweet 16. Your chance to enter has begun.


The giveaway includes a decorated ballroom reception at the downtown Odessa Mariott for 50-100 guests

  • tables, chairs, dancefloor, linens and centerpieces
  • an executive chef will customize a menu for the winner
  • transportation
  • a DJ for the event
  • professional photography
  • balloons
  • a photo booth
  • cake
  • floral arrangements
  • marquee letters
  • a gown
  • bouquet
  • a crown and many more prizes provided for the winner

Also, a complimentary suite will be provided to the winner. You may enter someone you know with one of these milestone celebrations coming up or enter yourself. The application process consists of a 100-300 word essay detailing why you should win, complete with photos. Another thing to keep in mind is that the celebration will be required to take place on July 24th 2022, regardless of when the winner actually turns 15 or 16.

For a complete list of rules, qualifications and requirements, visit

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