It's almost the end of the year. For some of us, it's been a whirlwind year full of changes and growth. For others, it's a chance to look back and see where they can improve.

But one thing is for sure, celebrating the new year has become part of culture here in the country. Some place do it better than others, that's been proven. We all know how celebrating in Times Square has become a part of Americana.

Not all of us however can make the trek to New York, so there are many other places to help us say goodbye to 2022. But where, if any, do cities in Texas stack up to others in the nation?

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Texas Cities: Good To Celebrate The New Year In?

Well, our friends at WalletHub once again have the data for us. Much like always, there is criteria for determining the cities will be the best to celebrate in:

- Entertainment & Food
- Costs
- Safety and Accessibility

With the items discussed and the data tallied, one question now remains: Which Texas cities made it?!?

A Shocking Discovery

For the first time in when we can remember, no Texas city ended up in the top ten. However, thankfully there are multiple cities sitting in the top twenty five. Austin is the highest ranked city at 12th, followed by San Antonio right behind at 13th.

El Paso, Houston, and Dallas rounded out the top 25 at 19th, 23rd, and 25th respectively. So it looks like we'll need to up our New Year's celebrations Texas!

We can't be outside the top ten, it's just not the Texas way.

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