• Song - My Favorite Things
  • Year - 1959
  • Written By - Richard Rodgers (composer), Oscar Hammerstein II (lyricist)

Other Random Facts

  • Joanna has a blog about her 5 Christmas songs that she would ban. You can find that blog HERE.
    • One of Joanna's big questions is how did this song become a Christmas song? Well, here's what I've been able to find:
    • Julie Andrews, who plays Maria in the movie The Sound of Music, had previously sung this song for the Christmas special for The Gary Moore Show.
  • For the musical of The Sound of Music, the song happens while at Mother Absess's office, just before she send Maria off to take care of Captain von Trapp's family and seven children.
  • For the movie version of The Sound of Music, Ernest Lehman, the screenwriter for the film adaptation, changed the song to take place while a thunderstorm is happening.


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