So last night on our way back from a Cub Scouts Christmas party, my son and I decided to drive around for just a few minutes to look at lights right in our neighborhood. Driving down west Illinois in the evening I always notice a house on a side street that’s really well lit up so I figured I would find that house to show my little mini me. Just so everyone knows, I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights and I adore people who go all out to decorate their house during the holidays. Not just because it’s fun to see but because those people who do that are making Christmas magical for people, particularly for children, and I love everything about a person who goes out of their way to bring some Christmas magic into someone’s life. I hope the people who live in the houses I’m talking about know that, I hope they know that their creating a special memories, and memories are the only things we can take with us forever. So anyway, we’re driving around and as we do apparently I pass the street without even knowing it, so when we get a couple of blocks down I turn around thinking perhaps they didn’t have their lights on that night. On the way back it couldn’t be missed. You guys this house was great but the best part of the whole thing was the car sitting in front equally adorned in lights with Santa sitting right up front in the driver seat!!! I’ll be driving by again tonight and you should too, my son loved it. I don’t remember the street but if you’re driving down west Illinois heading in the direction of Midland drive, the street this house is on will be on the right. It’s a short street off of west Illinois between McDonald and Thomas St. These streets only really have like five houses on them and this one is right in the middle so if you’re driving in the evening you can’t miss it.

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